Schunk Power Lathe Chuck without Through-hole (ROTA NCR) - ISO 702-4


Tool Clamping Solutions

Schunk Power Lathe Chuck without Through-hole (ROTA NCR) - ISO 702-4


Up to 10 times better roundness compared to a 3-jaw chuck

6-jaw power chuck with oscillation mechanism for low-deformation clamping of thin-walled components. Also available with additional centrifugal force compensation system.


Definition clamping force

The clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the chuck jaws, distance “H“ at maximum pressure and maximum torque. The specifications exclusively refer to the grease used by SCHUNK.


Field of application

  • on universal CNC lathes
  • on vertical turret lathes
  • on mill/turn machines
  • on vertical lathes

Product features:

  • 6-jaw compensation chucks
  • Pendular compensation: 2+2+2 jaws oscillating in pairs
  • Spindle holder: ISO 702-4 Nr. 5 (Z140), Nr.6 (Z170)
  • Jaw interface: Tongue and groove



Characterization ID O.D- Diameter Spindle Type Spindle Size Serration Max. RPM(1/min) Max.clamping force(kN) Max. actuating force
Stroke/jaw(mm) Piston stroke (H)
Pendular compensation
Moment of inertia
ROTA-NCR 165 Z140-KV 0860010 165 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.5 (Z140) Tongue and groove 4000 36 20 6 13.5 ± 1 0.04 11.5
ROTA-NCR 200 Z170-KV 0860020 200 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.6 (Z170) Tongue and groove 3500 50 28 6 15 ± 1 0.09 17.5
ROTA-NCR-F 200 Z170-KV 0860025 200 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.6 (Z170) Tongue and groove 3500 50 28 6 15 ± 1 0.09 17.5


  • Precision angle lever power chuck for top quality demands - Allows excellent machining processes
  • High efficiency of the angle lever system - Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
  • Optimum jaw support for O.D. and I.D. clamping due to a very long base jaw guidance - Allows high clamping forces at a long service life
  • Optimized lubrication system - Consistently high clamping forces are ensured
  • Media feed-through (coolant or air) as standard option integrated in the chuck body - Flexibility depending on the application
  • Low height - Maximum use of the machine room and maximum rigidity of the system
  • On request also available with centrifugal force compensation - Less clamping force loss at high RPM
  • Deformation sensitive clamping of thin-walled workpieces - High degree of roundness of the workpieces
  • Very accurate clamping of non-circular components - Perfect for castings
  • Turning ring simplifies and optimizes top jaw boring/machining - Easy handling during boring/machining top jaws
  • All functional parts are ground and hardened - Ensures a long service life

The 6-jaw compensation chuck is based on the principle of chuck jaws that oscillate in pairs. Two base jaws are always connected with a pendulum body. This ensures workpiece centering between six contact points, which can be adjusted in pairs. Even raw parts can be centered without distortion of the workpiece.

For specific applications, the pendulum compensation can be blocked resulting in the centric clamping of the jaws.