Schunk Power Lathe Chuck (ROTA NCX) - ISO 702-4


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Schunk Power Lathe Chuck (ROTA NCX) - ISO 702-4


Jaw quick change in less than 60 seconds

3-jaw power lathe chuck with jaw quick-change system for small batch sizes and the easiest exchange of existing lathe chucks with fine serration. 100 % compatible with the power lathe chuck of the Kitagawa BB200 series.


Definition clamping force

The clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the chuck jaws, distance “H“ at maximum pressure and maximum torque. The specifications exclusively refer to the grease used by SCHUNK.



Product features:

  • 3-jaw wedge-bar chuck
  • Jaw quick-change system
  • Spindle holder: ISO 702-1 Nr. 5 (Z140), Nr.6 (Z170), Nr.8 (Z220) & Nr.11 (Z300)
  • Jaw interface: Angled serration



Characterization ID O.D- Diameter Spindle Type Spindle Size Serration Max. RPM(1/min) Max.clamping force(kN) Max. actuating force
Stroke/jaw(mm) Tooth Pitch(mm) Piston stroke (H)
Moment of inertia
ROTA-NCX 165-53 Z140-SFGX 0800800 165 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.5 (Z140) Angled Serration 6000 50 33 3 2 13 0.04 11
ROTA-NCX 210-66 Z170-SFGX 0800810 210 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.6 (Z170) Angled Serration 5000 80 45 4.2 3 18 0.12 18
ROTA-NCX 260-81 Z220-SFGX 0800820 260 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.8 (Z220) Angled Serration 4500 128 68 5 3.4 21 0.33 38
ROTA-NCX 315-106 Z300-SFGX 0800830 315 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.11 (Z300) Angled Serration 3500 155 88 6.3 4 25 0.82 59


  • Convenient jaw quick-change system - Minimizing set-up times and costs
  • Large through-hole - Machining of all standard pipe diameters
  • High efficiency of the wedge bar system - Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
  • High jaw quick-change repeatability - No reboring of already machined jaws necessary
  • Optimized lubrication system - Consistently high clamping forces are ensured
  • Interface 100% compatible with power chucks of the Kitagawa BB200 series - Exchange of the existing Kitagawa chucks can be done within short time
  • Blank draw nut which can be disassembled and removed is integrated in the chuck - Turning for draw tube threads or replacement of the already turned center sleeve
  • All functional parts are ground and hardened - High run-out and jaw change repeat accuracy

Quick-change chuck for lathes with short-stroke cylinder
Following the previous success of the SCHUNK wedge-bar power chuck, SCHUNK is now transferring the principle of quick jaw changes to CNC lathes with short-stroke cylinder. These are installed specifically on lathes from the Asian region. Particularly when it comes to optimizing production processes, the ROTA NCX stands out as an attractive production turbo due to its integrated jaw change system.

Due to the quick-change system repeated turning of the chuck jaws is no more necessary. In order to increase operational reliability it is fitted with a jaw presence monitor. Only when the base jaws are properly engaged in the serration of the wedge bar can the wrench be easily removed from the chuck.