Schunk Manual Lathe Chuck (ROTA-S plus 2.0) - ISO 702-4


Tool Clamping Solutions

Schunk Manual Lathe Chuck (ROTA-S plus 2.0) - ISO 702-4


Jaw Quick Change in less than 60 seconds

Universal 3-jaw manual chuck with jaw quick-change system for jaw quick-change in less than 60 seconds.


Definition clamping force
The clamping force is the arithmetic sum of the individual forces occuring at the chuck jaws, distance “H“ at maximum pressure and maximum torque. The specifications exclusively refer to the grease used by SCHUNK.


Field of application

  • on conventional lathes
  • on cycle-controlled lathes
  • on mill/turn machines
  • on drill / boring machines
  • on welding systems
  • on special machines

Product features:

  • 3-jaw wedge-bar chuck
  • Jaw quick-change system
  • Through-hole: 102 mm
  • Spindle holder: ISO 702-4 Nr. 15 (Z380)
  • Jaw interface: Angled serration

Technical data:

  • Stroke per jaw: 12 mm
  • Tooth pitch: 8.5 mm
  • Max. clamping force: 230 kN
  • Max. torque: 280 Nm
  • Max. RPM: 2200 1/min
  • Weight: 99 kg
Characterization ID O.D- Diameter Spindle Type Spindle Size Serration Max. RPM(1/min) Max.clamping force(kN) Max.Torque(Nm) Stroke/jaw(mm) Tooth Pitch(mm) Height H with adapter plate
ROTA-S plus 2.0 400-102 Z380-SFG 0814240 400 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.15(Z380) Angled Serration 2200 230 280 12 8.5 - 99
ROTA-S plus 2.0 400-102 Z380-VP1 0814340 400 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.15(Z380) Angled Serration 2200 230 280 12 8.5 - 99
ROTA-S plus 2.0 400-102 Z380-VP2 0814640 400 mm ISO 702-4 Nr.15(Z380) Angled Serration 2200 230 280 12 8.5 - 99


  • Convenient jaw quick-change system -Minimizing set-up times and costs
  • Large through-hole -Machining of all standard pipe diameters
  • High efficiency of the wedge bar system -Process-reliable clamping due to high clamping forces
  • High jaw quick-change repeatability -No reboring of already machined jaws necessary
  • Visual safety devices -Maximum operating safety
  • Optimized lubrication system -Consistently high clamping forces are ensured
  • Modular center sleeve system -Optimum adjustment to new clamping tasks due to exchangeable center sleeves
  • Excellent clamping force/torque ratio -Perfect use of the machine performance
  • Angled serrated base jaws SFG -Interchangeable with ROTA-S plus and with system “F“ (Forkardt)
  • Ergonomic, light safety spanner wrench -Ensures easy operation
  • All functional parts are ground and hardened -High run-out and jaw change repeat accuracy

The ROTA-S plus 2.0 manual lathe chuck is a highly efficient power lathe chuck for the most varied of clamping tasks. This is available as a 2-jaw or 3-jaw chuck. The high degree of efficiency of the wedge bar system and the optimized lubrication system ensure process-reliable clamping and consistently high clamping forces. The excellent clamping force/speed ratio allows full use of the machine performance, and increases efficiency in your production.

You can reduce set-up costs with the ROTA-S plus 2.0 quick-change jaw range, which cuts the set-up process down to less than 60 seconds. Due to its protection sleeve system the ROTA-S plus 2.0 can be adapted to a wide range of clamping tasks.