Roscamat Mosquito Electric 220V Tapping Arm Machine


Ergonomic Tapping Arm

Roscamat Tapping Arm Machine


Mosquito 220V Electric M2-M14 (M16)

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MOSQUITO - Tapping Capacity M2-M14 (M16)

Comes with 300 RPM, 600 RPM or 300-600 RPM

  • Automatic Lubrication (E)
  • VH (orientable)
  • Automatic Lubrication (E) + VH (orientable)

*Price varies accordingly based on the add-ons*

*110V available upon request*

The machine itself consists of a radial arm joint to a tilting arm balanced by means of a pneumatic spring. The head member and the electric motor find themselves at the end of the tilitng arm and is to adapt to always move at right angle with respect to its working area. The "high frequency" is regulated by menas a variator board located in the "electronic box casing". The turning motor and the optional automatic lubrication control are adjustable by menas of the buttons being located over the "radial arm". The speed can be thus adapted to every thread type. The tapholders are fixed to the motor by means of a quick cahnge, and taps fixes directly to the tapholders.



Working Area                                   

 Mosquito: Radius 767 mm. Height: 396 (120)

 Mosquito VH: Radius 885 mm Height: 396 (120) 

It has a high frequency Electric Motor with a maximum torque output of 27 ft-lbs. Use of the electric motor rather than pneumatic will result in considerable cost savings over time. This machine features a 2-Speed 300/600 RPM motor with Variable Speed Control. The tilting arm fixes to the head member and the electric motor, both of them moving perpendicularly to the work piece. As a result of this combination, the arm allows for a toroidal movement in the work area with tap rotation speeds of up to 600 RPM and a Maximum Tap Capacity of 9/16". The tap holder is mounted directly to the pneumatic motor with a quick change system that utilizes Rigid and Torque Control tap adapters. Rigid adapters are recommended for through holes and easy-to-machine materials and Torque Control adapters are recommended for added safety in tapping blind holes and difficult-to-machine materials. SCM brand tap adapters are highly recommended for use in conjunction with Roscamat tapping arms. The SCM tap adapter system also offers a 5 second quick change method that reduces tool change time and increases the productivity in all threading operations.


240_x_Area de treball R-Mosquito V-H


Reach 30” Height 20”

  • Tap up to 9/16” (M14)
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum construction
  • High frequency Electric Motor
  • Utilizes size 1 tap adaptors for quick change
  • Speed control variator


Motor Speed (rpm) Max.Torque (Nm) Æ Coupl.. Max.Thread Aluminium Max.Thread Steel <100kg
AF220301 300 36 Æ19 M16 M14
AF220201 600 17 Æ19 M12 M10
AF220101 300/600 36 Æ19 M16 M14