EZset Tool Presetter IC1


Tool Presetter

EZset Tool Presetter IC1


EZset with Image Controller 1

The EZset with ImageController1 is the professional introduction to the world of tool presetters. Due to thorough testing and the use of high-quality brand-name components, the EZset with ImageController1 convinces with extremely simple menu operation and precise measuring results without the need for time-consuming training. Standard measuring functions such as length, diameter, radius, two cutting edge angles and also radial and axial run-out can be measured by gently pressing a button.






EZset with IC1 Measurement Range Z Measurement Range X Snap Gauge
EZset350 350 mm 320 mm 0 mm
EZset420 420 mm 420 mm 100 mm
EZset600 600 mm 420 mm 100 mm
EZset600 / 570 600 mm 570 mm 0 mm
  • EZpush - Operation of menu using rotary pushbutton
  • 13,3“-Touch-Screen-Monitor
  • SK50 tool holder spindle
  • Pneum. spindle functions - 4 x 90° indexing, 360° spindle brake
  • Table ('undertable'), robust industry design
  • Label printer, thermal
  • Adapter support for supporting adapters
  • Utensil support for supporting adjustment keys and other support items

Software functions

  • Dynamic crosshairs for automatic measurement
  • Automatic cutting edge shape detection
  • 20-fold enlargement of cutting edge using incident light for quality control purposes
  • Software function, concentricity and axial runout for multi-cutting edge tools
  • Software function concentricity on tool shaft
  • Software function, oversize radii/angles
  • Software function for determining and measuring the tool contour (EZmax)
  • Safety query for adapter zero points to prevent machine crashes
  • Saving and managing of 99 adapter zero points
  • Saving of 1000 tool data
  • Integrated help texts
  • Compass needle – simple positioning of camera for gaging purposes
    of nominal values on the tool
  • Changeover to project function with crosshairs

Data output

  • Output of thermal labels
  • Data output via RS232 interface




  • Easy to use and quick to learn with minimal training
  • SK50 high-precision spindle with integrated calibration edge including spindle indexing and braking
  • Fast measurement, setting and testing of tool cutting edges (length, diameter, radius and
    two cutting edge angles)
  • Easy setting of tool contour with the EZmax
  • Various measuring programs for very simple measurement of radial and axial run-out of the tool cutting edge in the μm range for example
  • Cutting edge inspection (20-fold magnification of the cutting edge in incident light) and projector function (fix)
  • EZnavigator compass needle – easy positioning of camera to measure nominal values on the tool
  • EZset one-hand control handle for quick, concurrent positioning of the Z- and X- axes
  • Universal spindle for power-operated tool clamping (Optional)
  • Quick and easy printing of the measuring results on labels