Electro Arc Portable DC Metal Disintegrator (X-2 DC Portable)


DC Portable Metal Disintegrators

Electro Arc Portable DC Metal Disintegrator (X-2 DC Portable)


The compact DC disintegrator system for serious service jobs

Comes with a compact power supply and the precision Mini DC Head.Support and coolant must be supplied externally by the user.








Features of all our DC portable machines:                                                                                      2sdcccc            


• Holds the power supply, coolant system and control panel
• Heavy-duty casters for easy movement around the shop
• Levelers for stability in operation

Disintegrating Head

• Does the work of cutting into hardened metals
• Two head options available

Head Support options

• Use existing equipment such as a drill press
• Use available Electro Arc portable head supports
like the ultra-compact Mini Mag 800-lb. fixture or
the 3000-lb. 36” Magnetic base which lets you
take advantage of the precision IQ Head.


Built-in Coolant System

• Provides coolant for the disintegration process
• Internal pump provides 90 psi coolant pressure
• Internal tank with filter

The compact DC disintegrator system for serious service jobs

  • Compact and portable.
  • Salvage parts without damage in minutes.
  • Removes taps from #2 (2 mm) up to 3/4" (19.05 mm) in one pass.
  • 125 lb. power supply. Take it anywhere.
  • Quick connections on all cables.
  • 110V AC input is all you need.
  • Fast cutting action in HSS and carbide.
  • Compact, lightweight disintegrating head.
  • Straight shank arbor for drill press use.
  • Magnetic fixtures available.

Metal Disintegrators or MDM machines are manufactured for the specific purpose of removing broken tools from work pieces. The metal disintegration process removes a tap, bolt or drill leaving the hole intact and allowing a part to be reclaimed.

The difference between MDM and EDM is speed, cost and accuracy. MDM removes material very fast. MDM uses a spark erosion process commonly used for destructive cutting. Typical application includes broken tool extraction (taps, drills, reamers, drill bits) metallurgical sample excavation and bolt removal. There is no faster or efficient or cost effective method to remove broken tools, studs or fasteners than MDM.

Using an EDM to remove broken tooling is possible, but it is time-consuming and has limitations. First, the part has to be small enough to fit in the dielectric fluid container. Second, an EDM machine will take hours to extract a 3/8” tap, where an MDM will take just minutes. Third, the MDM process does not require submersion of the part. Lastly, EDM machines are significantly more expensive than MDMs and tying up an expensive production machine with tooling extraction could be costly.